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Christmas Jar Gift

Christmas Jar
Christmas Jar

Searching for a super easy quick decoration for Christmas?  How about a gift for that special teacher, neighbor or friend.

Here is your answer.  I used a tree, let your imagination go wild, snowman, reindeer or snowflake would make a great looking Christmas Jar Gift.

I filled  min with jingle bells.  Fill your with candy, cookies or some pretty colored rocks with a tea candle placed on top.  Make several and place them all around the house.

Get the kids involved.  Especial when it coms to painting.

1 quart jar  (Clean the outside with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball)
Contact paper
Paint Bruch
Cookie cutter or pattern of your choice
Filling for your jar.

Trace your cookie cutter onto the contact paper.  Cut out and place on your jar.

Make sure all the edges are sealed down so no paint seeps underneath.  Paint your jar and let dry.  Repeat at least two more times or until the jar is completely covered.  Let dry completely.  I let mine dry overnight.

Carefully and slowly remove contact paper.  Add ribbon and fill jar.  ENJOY!  Snowman Centerpiece Mat  Let It Snow Wall Hanging

DIY Wooden Give Thanks Plaque

DIY Wooden Give Thanks Plaque
DIY Wooden Give Thanks Plaque

While out shopping at my local craft store I happen to come across this wooden wall plaque I liked.  After looking at the price, can you say sticker shock.  I decided to make my own version.

First I had to get my wonderful husband to cut me a piece of wood.  We heat our house with wood so this wasn’t a problem.

If you don’t happen to have a chainsaw and a tree that needs cut down.  Head over to your local craft store and pick up one all ready to go.

Drill two holes, these will be used as hangers.

I used my cricket machine to cut the letters and wheat along the edges.  Once again if you don’t you can find all kinds of pre cut letters at your local craft store.

I sprayed glue on the back of all the letters and wheat and carefully placed them on the wooden plaque.  Make sure all the corners and edges are stuck down and let dry.

Next I brushed on a coat of clear sealant.  Let dry and add one more coat.

Cut a thick piece of rope to length you want.  Knot one end and thread through the first hole.  Pull the rope through the other hole and knot the end.


Congratulations your finished.  ENJOY!


DIY American Flag


DIY American Flag
DIY American Flag

Time to get your American pride going.  After all the 4th of July is just around the corner.

Craft this American flag as a family, gather the kids or get together with your girl friends and spend a couple of hours getting your craft on.

I used a blanket stitch to sew everything together.  Don’t worry if you’re not a sewer.  Grab your craft glue and let the kids make this wonderful flag in no time.  Add a history lesson and talk about why red, white and blue was chosen.  When the first flag was made and by who.

Here is what you need.

1 9×12 white square of felt
3 2×12 red stripes of felt
2 2×7 red stripes of felt
1 3 1/2 x 5 blue felt
3 white stars cut from white felt. I found a package of stars at Hobby Lobby and used those.
3 decorative brads.  I found a package of red with white stripes at Hobby Lobby which worked perfect.
Black embroidery thread if sewing or craft glue

Cut all your pieces.  Sew or glue each piece. If sewing use three strands of embroidery thread. Attach brads to the stars.  Glue stars to blue felt.

That is all there is to making your own American Flag.  ENJOY!

DIY Silly Putty

DIY Silly Putty
DIY Silly Putty

Making crafts is one of the many things I love to do with my grand children.  DIY Silly Putty is a fun easy craft.  Be sure to help the young kids measure.  They can do the rest.  Let each one pick the color they want.  Cuts down on fighting and everyone knows who’s is who’s.

Needed:  4 ounce school glue.  NOT the washable kind, 1 tsp borax, 4 ounces water, maybe more, food coloring

Mix the borax and water. Add several drops food coloring.  Pour glue into borax mixture.  Stir.  It will start to gel.  Let kids finish mixing by with their hands.

Silly Putty should be pliable yet firm.  ENJOY!

Outdoor Spray Paint DIY

Outdoor Spray Paint DIY

Spray Paint

Spray Paint
Spray Paint

Playing outside is extremely important to most kids.  My grandsons were getting bored with sidewalk chalk.  Grandma to the rescue.  Outdoor spray paint, made with food coloring.  Cheap, easy, no mess fun.  I have made this many times.

If snow is still on the ground where you live, no problem.  This is fun to paint your snowman, snow fort etc.

Ingredients:  food coloring, baking soda, baking powder, hot water, spray bottle.

Mix 5 teaspoons baking soda and 5 teaspoons baking powder together.  This makes two spray bottles of spray paint.  Divide the mixture between the two bottles.  Pour half bottle of food coloring into bottles.  Fill with hot water.  Take a knife, stick the knife in the bottle to stir.

Head outside and have fun.  ENJOY!

Easter Jars

Easter Jars

While I was out doing some shopping, I ran across some Easter Jars.  Yes that is how they were labeled.  The price was ridiculous.  My mind went how simple to make and give as gifts.

After purchasing some Easter candy, home I went to make these adorable Easter Jars.  Whole thing took about 10 minutes.

Here is what you need.  Quart wide mouth jar, Easter grass, jute or pretty ribbon, Candy to fill and display.

Wash jar.  Fill halfway with Easter grass, add Easter Candy.  Wrap with jute and make a bow.

I had everything to make these adorable Easter Jars except for the Candy.  Send one to school for that special teacher, drop one off at friends house there are so many ways to use these.  ENJOY!

Candy Machine

Candy Machine

Candy Machine

My grandsons wanted to make dad something when we were crafting.  Who doesn’t love candy machine.  This fast, fun, simple craft will take 10 minutes to make.  It took longer to put the candy in, boys kept test tasting, how they explained it to me.

You will need red solo cup, I found these bottle filled with apple juice in the juice isle, Candy of choice, glue gun.

Wash out the juice bottle and let dry.  Turn cup upside down and glue bottle to cup.  We covered the top of the cap with pretty scrapbook paper.  Fill with candy or gum balls for a gumball machine.

This was a big hit with dad.  Try making this as a Easter gift.


DIY Candy Medals

DIY Candy Medals

We were have our family night and playing some fun games.  It was my assignment to make the treats for afterward.  I came up with this idea to award Candy Medals to the participates.  There were three of us so everybody actually won.

Use this idea for relay games, easter egg hunt, school or church activity.  Actually this works great for adults as well as kids.

Now the instructions are pretty difficult.  Cut some pretty ribbon and hot glue each end to each side of your candy bar.  Yeah I know, even my husband can do this.  Let your kids make some Candy Medals for prizes at their next birthday party.

Sometimes the simple ideas are the best.  ENJOY!

Dyed Macroni Kids Craft

Dyed Macroni Craft
Dyed Macroni Craft

Kids will adore this craft.  It really will take you back to your childhood days, when we made noodle jewelry.  The handsome boys modeling the necklaces they made are my grandsons.

They were so proud of of picking the colors and deciding how to string them.  I quizzed them on their colors while we strung them.  Plus we practiced counting as we put them on.  Wonderful way to learn without any pressure.

All you need is food coloring, noodle of choice and yarn.  I choose a wide noodle so it would be easier to string them.

For each color use one cup hot water.  Put several drops food coloring in.  Stir.  Drop in the noodles.  Stir and let sit half hour to soak up the color.

Spread the noodles out on a baking sheet to dry.  Cut your yarn to desired length.  String on the noodles and tie to close.

Very simple craft, the kids will love creating their necklace, bracelet etc.  ENJOY!

Caterpillar to Butterfly Kid Craft

Caterpillar to Butterfly Kids Craft
Caterpillar to Butterfly Kids Craft

One rainy afternoon my grandkids were getting stir crazy.  They live in California and are able to play outside almost everyday.  Grandma to the rescue.

We learned how caterpillars turn into butterflies.  Perfect rainy or snow day activity.

Gather up these supplies.

Caterpillar you will need wooden spring loaded clothes pin, 5 medium Pom poms, two goggely eyes, glue.

Spread line of glue down clothespin.  Top with pom poms .  Add glue to eyes and glue to side of a Pom Pom ball.  Caterpillar is born.

Butterfly cut two hearts out for the body.  Use cookie cutter and trace hearts out.  Glue with bottom of hearts touching.  Side by side.  Take a Popsicle stick and let kids color it any color or colors they like.  Glue stick to middle of the hearts.  Cut two lengths of pipe cleaner and curl the end or bend the end.  Glue to top of glue stick on each side.  Glue two eyes on top popsicle stick.

Congratulations your caterpillar has turned into a butterfly.  Kids are happy and can’t wait to show off what they made and learned.  ENJOY!