Ultimate Club Sandwich

Ultimate Club Sandwich
Ultimate Club Sandwich

Searching for a quick, easy satisfying meal for your family this summer.  Today is your lucky day.  Make this ultimate club sandwich that everyone will love to eat.

Go with what your family enjoys, which means you can make several different kinds and let them pick and choose.


2 slices of bread. I used Texas toast.
2 slices of cheddar cheese or use provolone, pepper jack your choice.
2 pieces of bacon cooked
1 slice of ham (I cut mine thicker)
1 chicken breast grilled and cut in half.  (when your grilling be sure to make extra. Remember cook once eat twice.)
2 tomatoes slices
2 pieces fresh lettuce or spinach
1 Tablespoon mayonnaise or honey mustard

Spread both sides of your Texas toast with butter and toast on your griddle, turning to toast both sides.

Layer all the sandwich fixings.

Press down on the sandwich.  Cut in half.

I add french fries, cole slaw or fresh fruit as a side.  ENJOY!


39 thoughts on “Ultimate Club Sandwich

  1. I have fond memories of club sandwiches. I dunno but they always seem like “special occasion” sandwiches! Must be all that filling 🙂 We usually make them with chicken salad but grilling chicken is a great (and simpler!) idea.

  2. The minute you said “layer all the fixings” my brain (and mouth) exploded. Ooooooh this sounds soo good and way better than the salad I’m about to eat. I’ll just daydream that my salad is your sandwich 🙂

  3. Oh, that sounds delicious! I think it would be really delicious with provolone and pancetta, instead of regular bacon.

  4. Yum, yum, yum! I love club sandwiches. They are the perfect comfort food, big snack, light meal. Thanks for the idea for tonight’s dinner :)!

  5. I love the pepper jack in this! I’d make really thinly sliced ham. It’s funny how we’re all different that way, but in general this looks incredible!

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