Brownie/Frosting/Ganache Homemade

Brownies with Frosting and Ganache
Brownies with Frosting and Ganache

Now here is a super rich and decadent brownie.  Interested yet?  If you’re having a chocolate craving look no further.

Homemade Brownies

2 cups chocolate chips
1 stick butter
3/4 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup sugar
4 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup all-purpose flour

Frosting Layer

1 stick butter softened
3 cups powdered sugar

2 Tablespoons heavy cream or milk

Ganache Topping

1 cups chocolate chips
1/2 cup heavy cream

Preheat oven to 325F degrees.  Spray a 9×13 baking dish with cooking spray.

In a large saucepan add the chocolate chips and butter.  Melt stirring to combine.  Remove from heat when everything is melted together.

Whisk brown sugar and sugar into chocolate.

Now add the eggs, vanilla and salt and stir to combine.

Stir in the flour until mixed.

Pour into baking pan and bake for 35 to 40 minute or until a toothpick comes out clean.  Let cool.

Frosting Layer

Mix together the butter, powdered sugar and cream on nice and creamy.  Spread evenly over the top of the brownies.  Chill in the refrigerator.

Ganache Topping

In a small saucepan heat the cream over medium heat until it starts to steam and is almost boiling.  Immediately remove from the heat and add the chocolate chips  Stir the cream and chocolate chips until the mixture is smooth and silky.

Pour over the frosting layer of the brownies.

Chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Brownie/Frosting/Ganache Heaven
Brownie/Frosting/Ganache Heaven


90 thoughts on “Brownie/Frosting/Ganache Homemade

  1. Oh yum! I am a chocoholic and a brownie lover so I know I would love these. They look amazing. I will have to make these and try not to eat the whole pan myself. Lol

  2. I am about to go for a girls weekend and I am pretty sure this needs to be on the menu for the weekend! This looks so sinful that it is perfect for a girls weekend.

  3. Wow, this looks delicious! I haven’t tried making ganache yet, but this seems like something I could do!

  4. This will be a perfect dessert for this weekend. I will have to get the ingredients I need to make some this weekend.

  5. This looks super yummy. I love brownies and this would be a nice addition for dessert on Easter. Or Friday night after a long week… LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  6. These brownies with frosting and ganache look so deliciously yummy. I am going to be making these for sure for the sweet tooth craving. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  7. OMG these brownies look beyond decadent. I am obsessed with chocolate so these were made just for me. Cannot wait to have them after lent is over!

  8. Oh my goodness, put me out of my misery while on this diet. This looks SO good. Where has this been hiding???

  9. That looks so yummy. What I love about your recipes Candy is that you make it easy but it looks and sounds so fancy. 🙂 Thank you for sharing at the #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty. I have shared on social media.

  10. That looks very naughty. We have to be careful when making ganache. It really does go with everything. We had banana pancakes this morning that were good, but would have been so much better with your ganache on top.

  11. So chocolately! I don’t usually put frosting on my brownies since I find they’re rich enough without, but this sounds like an indulgent recipe for a special occasion.

  12. This looks so delicious and naughty. Thanks for sharing your recipes, I will definitely try to do this brownies. I’m pretty sure that my kids would love this.

  13. This looks so delicious and naughty. Thanks for sharing your very own recipe. I will definitely try to do this for my kids, I’am pretty sure that they love it so much.!!

  14. Be still my heart! I haven’t had a brownie in such a long time and these look heavenly. We have a neighborhood potluck coming up in a few weeks and I know what I’m bringing! x

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