Christmas Jar Gift

Christmas Jar
Christmas Jar

Searching for a super easy quick decoration for Christmas?  How about a gift for that special teacher, neighbor or friend.

Here is your answer.  I used a tree, let your imagination go wild, snowman, reindeer or snowflake would make a great looking Christmas Jar Gift.

I filled  min with jingle bells.  Fill your with candy, cookies or some pretty colored rocks with a tea candle placed on top.  Make several and place them all around the house.

Get the kids involved.  Especial when it coms to painting.

1 quart jar  (Clean the outside with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball)
Contact paper
Paint Bruch
Cookie cutter or pattern of your choice
Filling for your jar.

Trace your cookie cutter onto the contact paper.  Cut out and place on your jar.

Make sure all the edges are sealed down so no paint seeps underneath.  Paint your jar and let dry.  Repeat at least two more times or until the jar is completely covered.  Let dry completely.  I let mine dry overnight.

Carefully and slowly remove contact paper.  Add ribbon and fill jar.  ENJOY!  Snowman Centerpiece Mat  Let It Snow Wall Hanging

49 thoughts on “Christmas Jar Gift

  1. I think jar gifts are some of the best gifts ever. With so many options like crafts, soups, cookies, hot coca. And they are super fun to make.

  2. The Christmas jar gift is an awesome idea. I love to make the gifts for family and friends and I think this year I will do the Christmas jar gifts filled with candy for them. Thanks for sharing the idea.

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