Kiwi Dehydrated


Kiwi Dehydrated

Kiwis were on sale and well I can’t pass up a deal.  Plus I am always looking for ways to make healthy treats to have on hand for family, friends and guests.  Plus dehydrated fruit goes well into gift baskets.

Dried kiwi taste a bit tart.  If you would like a sweeter treat sprinkle with fine sugar as soon as they are done dehydrating.  Let them cool before packaging.

Gather up your supplies kiwi, knife, dehydrator or you may use your oven.

Wash kiwi.  Peel kiwi and slice into 1/4 inch slices.  If you have an egg slicer this works really well.  Just don’t slice them to thin, they will burn.

If you want to keep the bright green color of your kiwi make a simple ascorbic acid dip.  One cup water and 2 tablespoon ascorbic acid.  Stir to mix.  Dip your kiwi slices into the mixture.

Place kiwi slice onto your trays.  Don’t overcrowd or overlap slices.

Dry on 135 degrees.  Watch so they don’t burn.  We like our somewhat chewy not crunchy.  I like to check mine every 30 minutes.  They should be dry to the touch.

Store in airtight container or bag.  Don’t refrigerate.

You now have healthy snacks that you will feel good about giving your family.  ENJOY!  Pineapple Dehydrated  Strawberry Rollups Dehydrated


108 thoughts on “Kiwi Dehydrated

  1. I love kiwis, but like peeling a hard-boiled egg that just won’t, I always have a hard time peeling a kiwi! Do you slice them and then take off the edging? This is just nature’s way of telling me that I’m not allowed to eat what I don’t know how to peel. I’ve never tried dehydrated kiwis before either. Are they just as sweet?

  2. Kiwi is one of my favorite fruits. I just ate some fresh kiwis a couple of days ago. I have a dehydrator that I need to pull out of the cabinet. I never use it and this would be a fun way to start using it again.

  3. I would have never thought to dehydrate kiwi. My hubby and I have been debating on whether or not to get a dehydrated, and these look like a great reason to get one.

  4. I can never pass up a good deal either 🙂 I haven’t tried dehydrating fruits but you’re right, they’re handy and healthy snacks! And yum I do love kiwi. Have you tried golden kiwi? They’re a bit sweeter.

  5. I really love eating kiwis but I have never thought to have them dry. I LOVE dehydrated apples, they are such a great treat. I will have to give these a try.

  6. I had no idea that kiwi could be dehydrated! I’ll be looking for them to go on sale 🙂 Thanks for the great idea and instructions. Cheers, Mary Jane

  7. Yum to Kiwi, I love that fruit! makes me want Summer over here in MN, so I can buy them in season and give this a try… thanks for the adding sugar tip, I’ll be sure to do so : )

  8. I would have never thought about dehydrating kiwi before. I can imagine with the right amount of sweetness that it would be something like dried pineapple, tasty and sweet.

  9. I have always wanted a dehydrator. Still dont have one. I’m going to have to add kiwi to the list once I get one

  10. I have always wanted to dehydrate things! I still don’t own a dehydrator though. I think it may be time to invest in one because I love the idea of dehydrated Kiwi.

  11. I actually just saw accusing sale this last week. I am never thought about dehydrating them but I bet they taste absolutely outstandingly they are dehydrated.

    1. Not sure why they are scary. Just dehydrated fruit like another fruit. Really delicious and good for a person.

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