Garden Fertilizers DIY

Garden Fertilizer DIY

Garden season is fast approaching and there are many things that need to be done before it is time to plant all those wonderful seedlings and plants in the ground.  There are many simple fertilizers that can be used and they are free or cost very little money.  Stop purchasing the expensive fertilizer and start making your own.

First we need to talk about nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium and what they do for your garden.

Nitrogen promotes leaf and plant growth.
Phosphorous stimulates root growth.
Potassium promotes flower and fruit development.

Fertilizer #1.  Wood Ash.  Apply straight to the garden.  Till in around 5 pounds to every 100 square feet.  Wood ash adds calcium and potassium.  Great for root growth, seed and fruit formation.

Fertilizer #2.  Egg Shells.  Loaded with calcium.  Crumble the eggshells and drop in the bottom of your planting hole.  Dig them into the soil around the base of your tomato plants.  Stops slugs from getting to your plants.  Calcium deficiency will cause blossom rot in your tomatoes.

Garden Fertilizer DIY

Fertilizer #3.  Gelatin.  Gelatin is a great source of nitrogen.  Dissolve one package of gelatin in 1 cup of hot water.  Add 3 cups cold water and mix.  Pour directly on the soil around plants once a month.  Perfect for houseplants.

Fertilizer #4.  Fish Fertilizer.  Take the leftover fish heads and insides from the fish you have cleaned, or I go down to our local fish market and get a bucket full of fish parts.  Mix 1 part fish to 2 parts water.  I use an old 5 gallon bucket.  Place in an airtight container and set in a sunny spot.  Stir every 2 to 3 days.  Yes it will smell horrible.  Let steep for 2 weeks.  Spread 3 gallons to every 100 square feet.  Great source of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and amino acids.

Fertilizer #5  Powdered Milk.  Powdered milk provides calcium to your soil.  Just sprinkle the powdered milk into sold before planting.

Fertilizer #6.  Epsom Salts.  Combine 1 Tablespoon epsom salt to 1 gallon of water.  Spray your plants.  Full of magnesium with helps with plant growth.  Roses, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and houseplants benefit from epsom salt.


41 thoughts on “Garden Fertilizers DIY

  1. My dad was just saying that he wants to start a garden this year. I will pass this on to him so he can try it.

  2. Thank you for this! I am actually looking for fertilizer for my garden. When I went to the store it was ridiculously expensive so I am definitely going to try this.

  3. Thank you for the information you’ve provided. I usually buy fertilizer from the store, but now I know I can use common kitchen waste into fertilizers. I’d like to try the fish solution but my family might throw me out when it starts to stink. 🙂

  4. My grandma always used egg shells! And I do believe that it also changes the colour of some of the petals in some flowers – that’s what she said anyways. It didn’t damage them it just lightened them? I am not 100% sure on that. I’d have to google it. She had a very green thumb!

  5. A few of these surprised me. My mom has used eggshells and coffee grounds for years. But I had no idea about powdered milk. Makes a lot of sense. This summer, I plan to use a few of your tips.

  6. I definitely don’t have a green thumb and haven’t done much gardening. I may try to plant some flowers soon and I’m going to try using some of your ideas such as the Epsom salts.

  7. My friend shared a video on Facebook recently about eating egg shells as opposed to throwing them in the trash and adding to the human waste factor. I couldn’t get on board with that, but I could totally rally around using them as fertilizer. A great way to use something you’re gonna throw out anyway!

  8. I never heard that about gelatin. That’s great to know for future. I don’t have a garden right now due to living in an apt, but I will again some day!

  9. I am dying to see pics of your garden when spring is in full swing. I bet it is BEAUTIFUL. I will have to bookmark this so I can use these DIYs for my garden as well. Thanks so much for sharing these!
    -Shavon from

  10. Wood ash?? I’ve never heard of putting that in a garden. So I need to save all of the ash in my fireplace right now and till it into my garden? That would be amazing. It would save us for dumping it.

    1. Just make sure it is all ash and nothing else in with the wood. No chunks or anything and just till it in. We sprinkle it on the gardens, around trees even around the yard.

    1. Yes actual wood ash you have burned from your fireplace. Make sure it is ash and not burned wood chunks.

  11. My mom want start garden this week I am gonna share this with my mom but I am facing some error while sharing please let me know what going on here ?

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