Eggshells How to Use


Eggshells How to Use

For most people when you have cracked your eggs and used them the shells go into the trash.  Well there are many different uses for your eggshells.  Follow along and from now on don’t be throwing out those eggshells so fast.

Eggshells and How to Use Them

  1.  Sidewalk Chalk.  Finely grind 10 eggshells.  1 teaspoon hot water, 1 teaspoon flour, food coloring.  Mix everything together.  Pack into a toilet roll and let dry.  Peel off toilet roll and you have sidewalk chalk.
  2. Garden.  Throw crushed eggshells or whole eggshells all year-long into your garden to increase calcium.  They will crush when tilled.
  3. Compost.  Add those eggshells to your compost.
  4. Seedlings.  Start seedling in eggshells by placing dirt in the bottom of the shell.  Add your seed.  I like to place the eggshell back into the egg carton.  Transplant when bigger, eggshell and all.  Be sure to crush the eggshell before transplanting.
  5. Stops slugs and cut worms.  Place crushed eggshells around your garden plants.  The slugs and cut worms won’t crawl over them.
  6. Plant Food.  Eggshells make wonderful plant food.  Crush eggshells and place in an old jar.  Fill the jar with water.  Store in a dark area.  Water once a week with the calcium water.
  7. Chickens.  Feed your crushed eggshells back to your chickens.  Better and cheaper than purchasing oyster shells.
  8. Pets.  Turn eggshells into powder and sprinkle some over your cat or dogs food.  Gives the a calcium boost.
  9. Toilet.  Make an eggshell pass with powdered eggshells.  Add water to form a paste.  Scrub the lime ring and clean the whole toilet.
  10. Bird Feeder.  Empty feeder.  Rinse with warm water.  Add 3 crushed eggshells.  Fill halfway with warm water.  Shake hard for a few minutes.  Rinse completely.
  11. Pots and Pans.  5 Tablespoons powdered eggshells.  Add water to make a paste.  Use like a soft scrub cleaner.  Farm Eggs to Wash or Not.

43 thoughts on “Eggshells How to Use

  1. Except for the garden uses, all these ideas were new to me. Thank you for sharing. I love learning something new!!

  2. Oh my gosh I had no idea I could make sidewalk chalk with eggshells. I have a ton of egg shells right now because of Easter I am definitely excited to try some of the stuff.

  3. I would have never thought of any of these ideas. They all seem great though. Thanks for sharing. The cleaning of the toilet is a great one. So is feeding to pets. 🙂

  4. These are all great. I have a couple things to add. For the garden, if you have blossom rot on your tomatoes, it is caused by a calcium deficiency. As you said, the shells will take care of that. The other thing I have to add is that if you have slugs or snails, the shells will also take care of those in the garden. I had never considered using them to clean though. Awesome!

  5. Wow! Did not know you could reuse eggshells. Just learned something new and will definitely use for planting.

  6. I’ve heard of a few of this but, my goodness, you know alot of useful ways to reuse an egg shell. I love the ideas for using them in your garden. That sidewalk chalk is genius! Thanks for all these.

  7. I never knew all of the uses for egg shells. Thanks for this list! I will have to give them a try for plant food, I can put them to use in my garden!

  8. I think I would try that calcium water. That’s going to make my succulents so happy! Thank you for these ideas. I am going to make good use of them.

  9. I am so glad I clicked on this link to read it. You are right that most of the time we throw away our eggshells. I had no idea eggshells could be repurposed. I am going to have to try making chalk with summer coming. I also am going to try the toilet cleaner.
    Thanks so much for these awesome tips!

  10. I honestly had no idea they had so many uses! My mom use to throw them in the garbage disposal and said it “sharpened the blades” but I think she just didn’t want to walk to the garbage 😉

  11. So many ideas for how to use egg shells. I generally just throw them away and don’t think twice about it. I have never heard of eggshell sidewalk chalk. That sounds really cool!

  12. Wow that is so neat! I had no idea that egg shells had so many different things they could be used for. I usually just toss the egg shell! Time to be resourceful and use them!

  13. I’d have never thought to use them as a cleaner for pots and pans, think I’m gonna give that a shot. We usually just compost them.

  14. My grandfather always kept egg shells and tossed them in the garden. He put other stuff out too but I don’t remember the rest.

    I had no clue that you could use egg shells as chalk.

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