24 Hour Car Survival Kit

24 Hour Car Survival Kit

If you travel by car carrying a basic survival kit with you should be a top priority.  Doesn’t matter what time of year, you should always be prepared in case of an emergency.

Most people would say well I have my cell phone so I can call and get help.  Even when the weather has been beautiful out we have been in places that our cell phones didn’t work.  Technology is wonderful when it works, but don’t count on it to always be available.

A simple car survival kit can help solve many of the problem a person might encounter if caught in an emergency situation.

Remember it makes a difference if you are travel along, with a baby, small children or even older children what you will want to add to your car survival kit.

The items listed will get you started, please add anything you think you or your family may need in an emergency.

Storage – Use a small backpack or small plastic storage container to hold all your items.

Blanket – Keep it in the car year round, just not for staying warm.

Lighter or matches – We store both just in case the lighter doesn’t work.

Flashlight or candle –  Again we store both

Tape – Duct tape is wonderful to secure most anything.

Water – 1 gallon of water.  In individual bottles or in gallon jug, your choice.

Clothing – Extra socks and jacket and if possible change of clothes.

Whistle – Let searchers know where you are.

Food – Energy bars, fruit leathers, instant meal that you can use with your water. Candy

Toilet paper – Self explanatory.

Pen, paper, book –   Something to help pass the time.

Garbage Bag – A thirty gallon size bag can be used to protect you from wind, rain and can be used for shade if it is hot out.

Compass – Determine direction of travel.

Remember to add a shovel especially if it is winter.

Keep your family safe and always be prepared.

24 Hour Car Survival Kit

64 thoughts on “24 Hour Car Survival Kit

  1. That is a really great idea. I always have snacks in the car because my kids are still little, but that’s about it. I need to keep more emergency supplies in there.

  2. This is incredibly helpful – I have a first aid kit and a sweatshirt in my car, but I didn’t think about all of these other important things to keep with you at all times. Your garbage bag suggestion is genius – I would have never thought about all of the uses for it. Thank you for sharing this – I know what I’ll be putting together after work!

  3. We usually have some kind of survival kit in our car. It is definitely a good idea to do that especially when you’re going someplace you know I will be in the middle of nowhere.

  4. I have to admit I wouldn’t have thought of a lot of these items to keep in a car safety kit! So I really need to try and get myself sorted and have them ready as we are heading off soon.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been thinking a lot more about preparedness lately with all of the catastrophic weather in the news. I like your list because it’s simple and easy to put together!

  6. This is a great and really important list! We have a lot of these things in my car, but there is some you pointed out that I never even thought of grabbing. Thanks for this complete list!

  7. A 24 hour car emergency kit is so important. There was a time in my life when I left the house at 4:30 in the morning to drive lonely, dark, winding back roads to work for an hour and a half. I always had a car emergency kit because it was a long time between houses and there was nothing out there. Thankfully, I’m not doing that drive anymore, but I still keep a car emergency kit. Thank you for these tips!

  8. The garbage bag is a good idea. I tend to be minimalist with what I keep in my car and just pack things as the case calls for it. If I’m just running errands in town I don’t need anything, but if we are going somewhere unfamiliar or that we know will be outside normal civilization then I add some extras like snacks, a change of clothes, etc.

  9. I love the idea of keeping a survival kit in the car. It’s easy not to think about needing these things when you don’t need them, but I will be pinning this for future reference.

  10. Thank you for this post. We must all have a survival kit in the car and another at home ready to be picked up in case of emergency. We also keep our important documents sealed in a ziploc plastic case and placed in an area where it is easily accessible for grab and go emergencies.

  11. My grandparents once got stuck on the turnpike in a blizzard, now we are ALWAYS sure to have an emergency kit. They were freezing and hungry for hours!

  12. I have most of the things on this on this list in my car but I need to add a few more things. It’s so important to be prepared for an emergency when you’re on the road.

  13. It is so important to be prepared for emergencies. I need to restock my car emergency kit and make sure I have everything I need.

  14. Thank you for this list. I do have some of these things in my car, but I need to add others. I don’t think I have a flashlight.

  15. These are such great tips. I always give my kids and hubby food, water and blankets in winter. I also give them kitty litter in case of ice and snow. I have a center punch in my car for in case of going into water so I can punch the glass out! There are other things here I didn’t think of.

  16. My husband and I loves to go on a road trip. We spend more than just a week on driving. To have an emergency and car kit are necessary on any of our trip. It’s always good to be prepared than feel sorry I guess.

  17. You never know when you’re going to need emergency equipment. The one thing I’d add to your list is granola bars (keeps well in hot or cold weather.) I’m all about having food!

  18. This is a great idea. I have a gallon of water and a flashlight in my car, but I think I might need more, like a blanket and extra batteries and maybe some food that can be eaten right out of the can or something. It’s better to be prepared than sorry.

  19. I usually keep a survival type kit in my car during the winter months, seems like I need to add a few more items and learn to keep it in there year round! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  20. Great idea here and so very necessary. Now that I’m often traveling with my kids, it’s important to have something like this especially in the winter where accidents/breakdowns are more likely to happen here where we live (arctic temps right now!). Definitely need to upgrade our kit with some of these items. Thanks for posting this!

  21. This is a great list – I think we often overlook keeping a kit in the car. One of the things that I have recently been keeping in the car for everyday are SCISSORS! Comes in handy for so many things, like things you buy that you can’t get open, to other needs. Of course I make sure they are in the glove compartment or console so it doesn’t cause injury if you brake hard or are in an accident. I’ll have to put a kit together, so important to keep the family safe.

  22. These are great ideas for items to keep in the car for emergencies. I have some of them, but not all. I always have blankets and often snacks from the kids, and a first aid kit. I keep a flashlight in my purse and scissors in my glove compartment. Tape would be a good one to add and water. Thanks for the ideas!!

  23. This is a really great idea. I keep thinking about how scary it would be to break down somewhere or get stuck and not have anything. I need to put one of these together.

  24. perfect! just what I was looking for! lay little sister recently bought a car and I think she’d find this article so handy. I’ve also made a list of a few things I need to add into my car.

  25. This is such a good idea! I would hate for anyone to be stranded but its better to be prepared. Right now, Canada is experiencing extremely cold weather, so being prepared could save your life.

  26. I know I have needed to create an emergency kit for my car for a long time. I have been lazy about it, but thanks for the good reminder. I will definitely be putting this list to good use.

  27. I just moved back to the Midwest and hadn’t even thought about this! Thank you for the reminder and the excellent list!

  28. Love this article Candy. I did a similar one a while back. This kit is so necessary. The one thing I need to add is that whistle. It will definitely come in handy. Thank you for sharing with Blogging Grandmothers. I have shared on my social sites.

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