Peanut Butter Cups

Peanut Buttercups

Making peanut buttercups is easy.  Getting them to look perfect (like store-bought) for me is impossible.  My solution, Rustic Peanut Buttercups.  Problem solved.  Honestly my family, friends, neighbors could care less if they are perfectly smooth and uniformed.  Honestly they don’t look bad, just homemade with love.

No fancy tools or ingredients are needed.  Make some for the holidays coming up.  Place 4 or 5 (10 or 12) in a clear bag, tie with a pretty ribbon, add a tag or better yet the recipe and you have a gift given from the heart.  Who honestly wouldn’t love to receive a decorated bag with homemade peanut buttercups.

Here is what you will need:  muffin tin, 12 cupcake wrappers.  Cut the cupcake wrappers top off 1/2 inch.   One 12 ounce bag of milk chocolate chips, 1 cup peanut butter, 1/2 cup powdered sugar, 1/4 teaspoon salt.

In a microwave safe bowl pour half chocolate chips.  Microwave for 50 seconds.  Stir and repeat second time. Stir chocolate until smooth.  Pour teaspoon chocolate into cupcake wrapper.  Use back of the spoon to draw chocolate up the sides of the wrappers.  Place in refrigerator to harden

Combine powder sugar and salt.  Add peanut butter and mix.  Heat in microwave until smooth and can be stirred easily.  Pour teaspoon of mixture on top of chocolate.  Place back in refrigerator to harden.

Melt rest of chocolate chips in microwave and pour by teaspoon full on top of peanut butter.  Return to refrigerator to harden.  Makes 12 peanut butter cups.

I like to remove the wrappers before placing in clear bag and decorating.   ENJOY!


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  1. I love PB Cups! Those look yummy! Great post and site! I found you on FB GYB page. Let me know if you’d like to collaborate, be a guest writer with links back to your blog (or vice versa), or get together to do a giveaway with some other bloggers, just support each other in some way. My site is
    All the best,


    1. Love your site. Always interested in share and having guest writer for my site. I have to be honest and tell you I haven’t done either, would love to participate. Thank you for your kind words. I only started a few months ago.

  2. Peanut buttercups are my all time favorite. I make it myself whenever I am upset, it just lightens up my mood. I first saw the recipe on an Instagram video and I am hogging this treat since then!

  3. They look so good! It’s one of my favorite foods but I don’t really buy them much. I like the freshness of having chocolate homemade so I think I have to try these! My kids have caught onto my deep love for chocolate and peanut butter, because what’s not to love?

  4. I haven’t had any peanut butter in ages. I wonder if these would work with almond butter or another nut butter? I have those in my pantry already, and that would be tasty!

  5. Peanut butter cups are my all time favorite dessert! This looks so good! I will have to make it myself one day!

  6. These sound amazing! I love homemade peanut butter cups even better than the store-bought kind. I find that the peanut butter is always much creamier, the chocolate richer. I’ve never made them myself, though. They sound relatively easy to do! I’ll have to try it!

  7. Mmmmm, these peanut butter cups sound tasty! I don’t know if I’d make them any time soon, but I am definitely saving this for the next time I want to make some sweets. Great recipe!

  8. My two favorite foods… chocolate and peanut butter! Seriously, I love those two… especially when together! These look delicious. It is breakfast time and I am ready for dessert!

  9. Great idea. I’m living abroad and not home with all of my kitchen supplies. We’ve tried to make Buckeyes (peanut butter/sugar balls dipped in chocolate), and getting the shape right is the hardest part!

  10. I have been making my own peanut butter cups for over twenty years now. I used to make them every holiday season to share with friends and family. Always a hit.

  11. As obsessed as I am about Reeses Peanut Butter Cups you would think I would have tried to make them before but I haven’t! You’r recipe sounds amazing!!

  12. You cannot get a better combination than chocolate and peanut butter! And the homemade ones are so much better than Reese’s (though I’ll never turn down one of those, either!).

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