Snowman Centerpiece Mat

Snowman Centerpiece Mat
Snowman Centerpiece Match

Make this easy Snowman Centerpiece Mat to show off a special candle, dish full of goodies or a special Christmas decoration you would like to showcase.

If you’re not into sewing don’t hesitate to pull out your glue and go to town.  This way the kids can be involved.  Come along, we have a gift or special  centerpiece to make.

Supplies:  2 pieces of blue felt, 1 piece light blue felt, 4 pieces white felt, scraps of orange and black felt.  If sewing white embroidery floss, 4 blue stars ( make or you can find them at Hobby Lobby), black embroidery floss, snowflake and crystal embellishments.

I used my cricket to cut a 11 inch scalloped pattern and 8 1/2 inch scalloped pattern. Cut 2 inch circle for pattern for faces.  Refer to the picture for placement.

From the 11 inch scalloped pattern cut 2 dark blue felt pieces, cut 1 scalloped light blue felt piece, cut 4 circles from white felt, cut 8 black felt eyes, cut 4 triangles from orange felt for nose.

If you are sewing, center the light blue scalloped felt and using a blanket stitch, going around the edges to secure.  Do the same with the 4 white round felt pieces for faces.  Sew on eyes, nose and using black embroidery floss sew on mouth.  Sew on blue stars.

Using second dark blue felt piece and white embroidery floss sew the top to the second blue felt piece.

Glue on the snowflakes and crystals.

If you’re not sewing, glue everything in place and let dry.  Make several of these.  Change up the colors and make it your own.  ENJOY!  Let It Snow Wall Hanging


58 thoughts on “Snowman Centerpiece Mat

  1. The snowman centerpiece you created is lovely. Your instructions seem very easy to follow and it looks amazing. I’ll be making a trip to craft store today to give this one a try. You are very creative. Thanks for sharing

  2. I think my mom can do this. I don’t know but whenever I sew clothes I feel like I want to go to sleep. I remember when I was in high school, most of the time we would have this kind of project. I really couldn’t finish it. So, it would always be my mom who would do my project for me.

  3. This is adorable. Next time I’m at my grandmother’s I’m going to browse through her craft stuff. I’m sure she has felt in there. My brain is about to explode with ideas now…place mats, runner, table cloth…little pins to wear and give. Whew…I think I need a break! Thanks for sharing this idea!

  4. This is so cute. I am probably not decorating this year. Just because I am moving Dec 9th and by the time I got settled I’d be back home with my family. But I love this idea.

  5. Oo I just love this! The snowmen are adorable. My daughter would have fun making the centerpiece. She’s more crafty than I am.

  6. This snowman centerpiece is #totsadorbs! My daughters would really love to create this craft project. We have loads of felt around our house as well. I think we may do this over the holiday break!

  7. Oh my goodness! This is adorable! You could even use paper to make homemade Christmas cards for grandparents — now my mind is full of frosty fun ideas. So fun!

  8. CUTISIMO!!! What a fun, cute and useful project to do with The Grands. We’re gonna enjoy decorating the casa with these. Gracias!

  9. What a cute Snowman Centerpiece Mat! We are doing a lot of holiday crafts lately and my daughter loves them. This craft would be perfect for kids who are learning to sew.

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